Is Block Chain the Future of Digital Marketing?

You will probably have heard about the “Block chain” and how it can bring significant change in Digital world. Today when everything became digital, Block Chain Technology is trending in marketing world.
Block Chain can be viewed as an accounting system, an asset, a payment method, a currency or an investment opportunity. Bitcoin- a Digital currency works by Block Chain Technology.

Blockchain Explained

Briefly, the technology is comprised of a continuously growing list of records, called Blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptographic techniques. When each Block is created, it receives a timestamp that links it to the previous Block. Perhaps most ingenious is that Blockchains are crowd-validated, making it difficult to change them.

At least 50 percent of the participating computers that support Blockchain must confirm any given Block. The end creation is a secure and verifiable record.

How popular is the Block Chain Technology?

Half of the world’s population is still unaware about the Block chain Technology. Out of 100 only 1 user has registered for Bitcoin currency.

However, Block chain usage is continually increasing. As time passes, individuals and businesses are beginning to understand the actual benefits of Bitcoin as a Digital currency and Block chain as a technology. This knowledge or realization, has served to increase momentum and value of Block chain and Digital currencies.

What is the future of the Block Chain in Digital Marketing?

It is commonly believed that Block chain technology will be unanimously accepted by many digital channels over the next few years, as businesses seek to use its technological advantages.

Now many Digital Marketing companies are using Block chain technology for example -the Display Network Channel and online payments being made available in crypto currencies.

But the effect will definitely be there. People are showing interest in paying by digital currency. Back in 2014, a Facebook employee sent a screenshot of testing payments to Bitcoin Boards and received the reply: “At this moment you can pay for advertising with a Creditcard, Paypal and FB Ad coupons.

It is not yet clear when the public will get the access to pay with bit coins, but this confirms that they are at least very interested in the crypto currency, and willing to incorporate it into their Website.

While we will never be sure if Bitcoin payments will be accepted by Social Media platforms, the time certainly seems ripe for integrating Blockchain technology as a payment mechanism in Digital Marketing platforms.

Best 2017 apps for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Apps are becoming popular day by day. People are investing in mobile money rapidly. I have listed best Bit coin Apps for you to make it easier for you to explore those apps.

  • The ICO App
  • Coindex
  • Blockfolio
  • Lawnmover
  • Getgems


Digital Currency is the most talked about Digital Trend in today’s world. In few years, we all will be totally depended on safe and secure Digital Transactions. So be ready for the biggest Digital transformation!